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7 Reasons to Work with Tom Condit

  • Private Group of Elite Marketers: I’m part of three private groups of elite marketers specializing in customer acquisition and digital marketing through Facebook, Instagram & YouTube and other marketing tactics. Yes, it costs money to be a part of these groups.
  • Patient/Customer Acquisition Master: I’ve completed specialized training (continuing education) in strategies used by elite marketers that actually work to acquire new patients/business from Social Media and other forms of digital marketing.
  • B.A. in Digital Arts & Communication from GMU: I have formal education & training in marketing from George Mason University.
  • Immediate Results: The culmination of my training and experience allows me to deliver exactly what I say I will. Your ROI will be clear and quick.
  • An Asset: Your practice/business will be partnering with a true professional who will be an asset to your bottom line.
  • Adaptable: My unique set of skills allows me to deliver many different services. From website design, SEO, PPC, Voice Drops, Press Releases; I have the team in place to underpromise and overdeliver every time.
  • Family Man: My wife and 2 daughters are my motivation to do my best in my professional life. I carry that motivation and pride into my dealings with friends and business partners.

7 Risks of NOT working with Tom Condit

  • Inexperienced Hire: You may end up with an inexperienced hire who doesn’t know what they are doing or have much experience in what they are doing. If you’re attracted to lower pricing from a larger company, chances are you’re one of thousands and may not get the attention to detail you deserve.
  • Unspecialized Hire: You may end up with an unspecialized hire who knows a little bit of this and a little bit of that and no real world success in anything.
  • Loss of Time: You will lose precious time having to train someone resulting in idle growth. Also, if you’ve hired a larger company, chances are they are only giving you minimal attention when you require much more. In turn, you may have to start over.
  • Loss of Money: You will lose money because of lost opportunities you are uninformed of. You need turn key systems to keep your practice healthy, profitable, and growing.
  • Expense: On the contrary to hiring an asset you will instead immediately acquire an expense.
  • Disorganized: If you’re attempting to do things yourself with multiple vendors in the mix you’re probably experiencing the stresses of such an arrangement.
  • Unpredictability: If you have no system in place to generate patients or customers, what do you have? The answer is simple, no process to predictably grow your practice/business.

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What to know before hiring a Marketing Professional

Don’t make the same mistake most companies do by hiring an unspecialized, inexperienced, and unprepared marketing person whose job duties consists of managing social media platforms and not directly implementing strategies to get customers, clients, or patients. Managing simply means monitoring events that have already happened and doesn’t include actively producing results. There is a difference.

Practice/business owners do this because they know social media is important to their practice/business. However, most make the unintentional mistake of under-allocating resources to their marketing efforts which result in attracting and hiring C and D players. This typically leads to an unnecessarily long road of frustration, stagnation, and a complete waste of precious time. I don’t wish this scenario for you. I want results we can all be proud of together. I want us to be partners for a very long time.

On the flip side, when you hire a specialist, someone who has the plug-and-play skillset, you are able to command the results you’re in search of.

A good social and digital marketing strategy not only increases engagement and interactions on your social channels and other places online, but it must also be “profitable” and generate a positive ROI for your practice/business. Facebook’s algorithm only shows your posts to less than 6.5% of the people who like your page. It’s turned into a “pay to play” platform. So, basically, no one is seeing your posts. You’re wasting time on a dead or non-existent audience.

At the same time, a good, robust marketing campaign understands that all individuals are currently sitting at different points along the customer lifecycle journey and to effectively communicate with each of them, you must speak to each of them differently – i.e. create different messages for each segment of your target market. Then amplifying the ones that work the best and keeping them handy in a “bag of tricks” to use throughout the year in one or more social channels. We can then leverage congruently other forms of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, a better-converting website, Press Releases, Voice Drops, to take your practice/business to another level.

A strong marketing campaign always starts with the objective of successfully identifying and locating exactly who it is we intend to target. The inability to effectively do this will result in much higher costs to acquire a new patient/customer.

A complete marketing campaign consists of many different parts working together. Some of these include the videos, the ads, the web pages, and the emails to name just a few. The inability to write persuasive “copy” (the words in a piece of sales/marketing campaign) will also result in a lot of wasted money and time.

You can’t forget Google either, it’s important to understand that each platform has its benefits and not one is better than the other.

Technology is changing the way we do things (hence this application), and the world is not moving backward. A proven, profitable digital marketing & social strategy is becoming imperative for a practice/business to not only survive but to thrive! Just ask the Hilton or the Marriott (think Airbnb), the Taxi Cab business (think Uber or Lyft), or Blockbuster (think Redbox & Netflix). Some new guy is going to come learn the new technology and he is going to take over your market.

The question now becomes, “Are you the new guy eager to take advantage of earning more market share? Or, are you the old guy that is not focused and will end up forfeiting the market share you have spent an incredible amount of time and money earning up to this point?”

So, before you hire a Marketing Professional, you must ask yourself if they are prepared to:

1. Actually, generate income, instead of focusing on the vanity metrics such as likes your posts get.

2. Effectively speak to each point in the customer lifecycle journey by implementing campaigns/messages.

3. Consistently generate high-quality traffic – i.e. leads that turn into sales for your practice/business. And on various channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, etc.

4. Write copy that is persuasive and connects with people on an emotional level. (i.e. story selling)

5. Adapt and handle the ever-changing world of technology.

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What to expect when working with Tom Condit


I am motivated, educated, have the experience, and possess the technical know how to begin generating revenue for your practice/business. Do not waste time and money hiring someone you will need to train and educate. Do not hire someone who is only capable of posting, monitoring, and maintaining your online presence. As a practice/business owner, you need someone who can immediately step in and use social media and other digital tactics to consistently and predictably generate new patients through a series of proven systems. You need someone to be more than a manager, you need a marketer that is actively creating money making opportunities that is your business partner for the long-term.


I am a part of THREE private groups of elite marketers that keep me abreast of cutting edge strategies and tactics the best marketers in the world are using TODAY. This will ensure that your practice/business is using the most current tools available, easily standing out amongst all of your competition who we know are not doing these things and are all stuck in the old mindset of marketing.


With the use of advanced tools that Facebook provides, we are able to analyze what works and what doesn’t and optimize to maximize ROI.


Instead of applying a “cross your fingers” style approach to marketing and worrying that your new hire can bring a return for your practice/business; you can relax, with confidence, knowing the strategies and tactics I set in place for your practice/business have been proven by the best marketers in the world.

Most practice/business owners do not know who their best customers are. They haven’t surveyed their landscape to find out, probably because they think they cannot control who they attract, and so they are eager for any and every customer they can possibly get. But, if we have this data, we can use details about that patient/customer such as demographics and psychographics to select people in the area who match that profile and invest money into marketing ONLY to those potential “best” patients/customers. We can literally target the people who you need to be targeting.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to your online presence I take it as seriously as I would with my own online presence. I take into account your visual message, how it appeals to your audience and how they will use your website when coming in from other channels. Your website serves as your 24/7 sales tool. It’s easy nowadays to get distracted and get a simple site up using one of the many web builders out there. But nothing can step in and take the place of a human translating the unique message and putting it down on the screen in such a way so as not to appear cookie cutter or hard to interpret. Just like when building a home, you want it built to last. I provide the best web development and attention to detail and when it’s all done, we can market it to those who are interested in your services.

Another Level

All of this working for your practice/business will position you as the leader and you will stand out in a competitive marketplace. While others are running broad tactics and similar messages that people have ad blindness to – meaning they don’t see those messages because they aren’t tailored to them! With the new tools Facebook has created, we are now capable of targeting very specific people with ads specific to them.

So, I will ask you, do you currently have a quick, accurate, measurable system in place specifically designed to generate new patients/customers consistently and predictably?

You see, it is no accident and there is nothing random about the fact that you are reading this right now. I specifically sought you out because your target audience is living on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, and digital marketing as a whole are my expertise!

Very few practices/businesses are doing this right now, so something called the “First Mover Advantage” still exists.

Let’s get started now!

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